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Jan 132011
iPhone Programming

With the undeniable success of the iPhone and its impact on the user paradigm surrounding mobile devices, “mobile phone” truly no longer applies in my view, there are so many iPhone programming books.

I particularly like this book as it does follow through on it’s subtitle “From Xcode to App Store”, Alasdair

Form the new developer to the die hard Mac developer that is looking to take a crack at iPhone programming this book will give you the right level of introduction. That said you will need to follow up with other material to get into specific areas such as Game development, push notifications and other more involved areas on the iPhone, but for the overall principles Alasdair gives plenty of detailed code examples that are easy to follow, also all the surrounding mechanics you need to understand for Apple’s App Store.
The book really delivers on:

  1. Start using Xcode right away, and learn how to work with Interface Builder
  2. Take advantage of MVC architecture with Objective-C
  3. Build a data-entry interface, and learn how to parse and store the data you receive
  4. Solve typical problems while building a variety of challenging sample apps
  5. Understand the demands and details of App Store and ad-hoc distribution
  6. Use iPhone’s accelerometer, proximity sensor, GPS, digital compass, and camera
  7. Integrate your app with iPhone’s preference pane, media playback and more.

Available on O’Reilly at

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