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May 072011
iOS4 Programming Cookbook

Firstly this book is a great reference book and is filled with very valuable examples that will save you loads of time in your next application. However it is not for someone who wants to learn Objective-C or how to write a iPhone App, if you want to learn that check-out something like Learning iPhone Programming by Alasdair Allan this will get you the basics of iPhone App construction.

However back to this book, it will rapidly shorten your learning curve in some of the more complex areas and give you valuable examples to extend the more run of the mill parts of iOS. It starts by covering some of the basics like Working with Objects, Implementing Controllers and Views also Table Views,  as mentioned these are not tutorial level descriptions and you need to understand the basics of an iOS application structure (iOS MVC pattern implementation, delegates, outlets, etc.) before heading here – “there be dragons”. The real meat starts with Core Locations and goes through Gestures recognition, networking, threads, etc. one of the fundamental shifts with the iPhone and iPad is the user interaction through gestures worth spending time here. Also networking with a mobile device however smart is difficult, this book gives great examples of downloading and cacheing XML files.

The pinnacle of the book however in my view is the treatment of Multitasking, Core Data, Graphics and Core motion these make the book more than worthwhile and a must have for any serious iPhone/iPad developer.

In summary a great reference book for the mid to advanced level developer.

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